Agro Forestry


Identification, design, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of development projects on crops, livestock, fisheries, fuelwood efficient stoves, agroforestry and forestry.

Ummarah Project Design


Design and conduct of on-farm research activities aimed at assessing the adaptability and adoptability of new agricultural technology for specific locations and agro- ecological zones.

Farmer Management

Extension Service Delivery

To provide innovative knowledge management, extension service delivery through Farmer Field School (FFS), Farmer Field Business school (FFBS), conflict resolution including farmer-herder and community engagement.

Community Development

Community Development

To develop community-level strategies through participatory land use planning (PLUP) and implement technologies that could reduce threats to the macro- environment.



Conducting needs assessment surveys of small and medium scale, formal and informal business enterprises for Agribusiness development interventions.

Our Services- Agricultural Research

Agricultural Research

Assessment of agricultural research activities and preparation of short, medium and long term research plans and strategies.

Financial Management

Finance Management

To undertake the business of innovative financing models (financial inclusion and village saving and Loan), institutional support/ strengthen, gender action learning system and nutrition.



Design and provide technical backstopping for rural credit and microfinance schemes.

Ummarah Services

Monitoring & evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of developmental projects as technical service providers and resource center

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Designing and providing training and capacity building targeting at support/strengthen local institution, gender action learning system and nutrition.

Impact Assessment- Ummarah Agor's Services

Impact Assessment​

Impact assessment of potential agricultural development programs and actual economic benefits of rural infrastructure projects, including rural roads, intermediate means of transport, irrigation, water supply, and postharvest facilities.

General Contract

General contract, logistic management, distributorship, commission agent, general merchant.